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"Q could do it," Tanner had suggested, prompting the young Quartermaster to look up from what he was doing and frown deeply.
"He certainly could not," the fluffy haired boffin replied blandly, shooting Tanner a look, then returning his attention to his laptop. "Besides, I don't go into the field without double-o seven."
It wasn't even official work they were talking about. Q Branch had simply gotten wind that a certain soviet agent was in town, apparently not on business, and at some point had started talking about how useful it might be to bug his personal laptop before five worked out he was here and got to him first. It had started off as light banter, a joke even, but it had gotten more and more serious as the time passed. Serious enough that someone had opened the man's file and had started reading up on the agent in question.
"It's not the field, it's a bar," Hopper, a young tech, chimed in. "Besides, you're just his type. Go in, have a flirt, bug him, then get out."
Q scowled, but it was obvious that they weren't going to let up- And really, it wasn't a terrible idea. He didn't like going out on something like this without Bond, but Bond wasn't in the office right now. He'd have to do this alone.
"Fine," Q eventually agreed with a sigh. "I'll do it."
That was how he wound up in a dreadful bar, sitting at a filthy table beside a large man who was attempting to get him very drunk. 
"Oh, just one more, come on," the man insisted, putting another beer down in front of Q.
His head was already spinning, and he knew if he drank any more he wouldn't be sober enough to do what needed to be done. His fingers grazed over his ear, tapping the device that sat inside as he assured the man he couldn't have another drop, hoping to alert his team that he needed some help- Except there was nothing. No static, no sound at all.
"What's wrong?" the Russian asked, his tone calm as his arm snaked around Q. "Can your friends not hear you any more?"
Q's pulse fluttered, and he tensed as he felt a small blade press against his side.
"You're right, you've had enough to drink," the man whispered. "Let's get out of here, hmm?"
Getting to his feet, Q let the man guide him, though the young Quartermaster moved slowly, scanning the crowd for help. He'd known this was a dreadful idea, and the moment he got away from the bastard he was going to march right back to Q branch and tell them all what a bunch of idiots they were.
(OTA! Feel free to have your pup notice the hidden knife, or not notice and simply approach Q by chance.)

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Bond had come into Six and heard about what had happened and with a scowl and a curse he'd gone to the bar in question. He was ready to shoot someone and he didn't particularly care who- M, Tanner, the mark, whoever. But he didn't have his gun out as he walked in.

He was utterly out of place with his fine suit and titanium watch. He looked around and saw Q and a large man, and he saw a blade. He moved forward and was blocked by a woman who had a smile and a chat up line and when he tried to move off her pimp stepped up to challenge him for being rude and not giving her the time. By the time he'd sorted out that mess and made it to the alley he knew he may well have lost the pair.

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Bond stepped into the alley and realized a moment too late that the door didn't close behind him as fast as it should. He felt a stick and a sting in his arm through his suit and immediately whirled on the man. He threw a punch and another but then the world was gone and he slumped in the beefy man's arms.

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Bond struggled but the bonds were strong. He then tried to shake off the hands and craned his head up and back to look at his captor.

"Let him go," he demanded. "We can come to an agreement. Make a deal. Let him go and I'll give you what you're after."

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"Why are you doing this? What do you want?" he demanded, twisting away from the caresses. Cold dread settled in his stomach.

"Is it money? Secrets? What is it?"

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Bond began to struggle then, fighting and twisting and pulling at his bonds.

"Let me go!" he snarled. "Face me like a man!"

He was loud enough that his voice bounced off the glass and filled the room.

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"I don't wa-" he said, but before he could finish his protest the man stuffed the food into his mouth. Bond decided it might be best to play along and though he glared he chewed and swallowed.

"Even ground," he repeated flatly. "And why is that?"

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Full attention was something he was willing to give if it meant getting Q free.

"The first time I met my new quartermaster," Bond said. Not the first time he'd met Q, that had been a long time ago and only a seedy tryst. But he'd fallen in love at first sight in a way. Lust, certainly, but it had been deeper than just a stirring in his groin.

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Bond wasn't about to risk getting Q tortured and it was a small thing, really. He had no shame about loving Q.

"The first time I caught him in satin pants," he said quietly, unable to keep from wondering what sort of pants Q had on today.


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