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There were some days that simply couldn't pass unremarked, uncelebrated, and for Bobby Drake, today was one of those days. He'd picked up a pizza, then added some extra decorations scribed on the box in Sharpie: a dot in the center of the top extending out to an arrow on one side with (radius=z) written below it, and a double ended arrow on the thin edge of the box bearing an 'a', making the volume of their dinner pi*z*z*a. He'd also done a little self-art with that same Sharpie, although that was hidden beneath the long sleeve of his shirt.

Now he ducked into the bakery near his bus stop to pick up dessert, scanning the items in the case before raising an eyebrow and ordering a banoffee pie when it was his turn. He'd never had it, but it sounded delicious, and would round a perfect Pi Day dinner for himself and John.

Errands complete, he headed back to the bus stop to catch the bus home, wishing that his power had the ability to heat as well as cool; the pizza wasn't going to be anywhere near piping hot by the time he got it home to John at this rate, but in his mind the last stop had been vital.

[Happy Pi Day! Feel free to run into Bobby in the pizza place, the bakery, or at the bus stop.]
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The repurposed railway arches that housed Beagle's bar and restaurant were decked in shades of black: black christmas trees glittering with sparkly and satiny black ornaments, black wreaths with perfectly tied bows, black garlands draping along the walls and bar, ribbons edging the long banquet benches in the restaurant dining room. A gentle snow seemed to fall from the ceiling, a specially designed lighting effect much more pleasant than the cold and wet that would've accompanied real snow. Christmas music played over hidden speakers, setting the mood without interfering with conversation.

The Kraken Black Christmas feast was a different spin on the holiday than you'd find most places, and yet, a christmas feast all the same. All the flavors of the season were there, both in the bar's specialty cocktails and in the feast itself, served banquet-style to those fortunate enough to get tickets - mulled wine, egg nog, roasts and stuffing and puddings, and so much more. Yet the food and drinks all shared the same theme as the decor, shades of black augmented with squid ink, charcoal, or black sesame seeds.

Guests had been encouraged to continue the theme with black festive attire, but it wasn't required, and spots of color could be found here and there along the table or mingling in the bar. There was one thing everyone could agree on, though. No matter how black the theme, the mood was anything but dark.
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It had taken considerably longer than Robin anticipated, thanks to some building code issues that had pushed back his renovations by months, but following the thrown together "preview" on New Year's Eve (that had gone very well if he did say so himself), Saturnalia was finally officially open for business.

The inside of the club looked somewhat different than it had in January: more polished now, better decorations, furniture, lighting. There was still Greek inspiration, particularly in the murals on the walls - modern, graffiti-inspired versions of Greek art and myths, bright colors splashed amidst chrome industrial decor. Most of the employees (bartenders, dancers) were wearing togas.

The grand opening was a hot ticket, but Robin had sent out invitations generously, and instructed the bouncers at the door to let in the beautiful people as usual, yes, but to be rather random about it as well. After all, what was the fun in only the rich and beautiful?

Alcohol was free flowing, and the music was hot, spun by a DJ on a stage who seemed to have the perfect sense of the crowd. He may have even had a little help by magic. Because why leave these things to chance?
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He'd gone traveling that day when The Doctor and Ace had turned up. It was The Doctor's way of saying he was sorry, taking Hex to Scutari to be useful during the Crimean war. He was there a month, knee deep in blood and a slave to time. He tried to help the soldiers but he didn't have the tools. It was hard even to get the rest of the medics to wash their bloody hands. He was there a month, a month into the siege, and up turned Florence Nightengale. His idol. It was a biography of her that had spurred him into nursing in the first place. And things went along until The Doctor turned up again and he and Ace brought everything to a head...and that was when Hex got shot. A musket ball pierced his chest and he knew he was dying. The technology and supplies of the time couldn't save him, but it was nothing for 2016 so The Doctor and Ace got him into the TARDIS and back to London. He was treated in his own A&E, given the best of care, and patched up in no time. When he was out of surgery he got his phone from Ace and sent off a text, a long one, just to let them know.

But he had to stay and stay in bed as much as he could stand it. He was bored as could be and sat up in bed, picking at his bread pudding and mashed potatoes. The telly was on and he saw the news about a bomb blast in Lahore and it reminded him too much of what he'd seen in the war. Blood and death.

He clicked the tv off just as the door opened. It was too soon for more medication so he sat up straighter and looked to see who it was.

{One off and EP all in one.
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As the city said goodbye to January, February rolled in quietly behind it. The weather remained mostly unchanged, though the streets seemed slightly emptier as the majority of tourists left. 

Still, there was no shortage of things to do this week, from a rare book event, to swing dance classes. There were also a few art exhibitions opening, and the usual events at the museums. Plenty of concerts and shows to see... Not to mention up and coming pubs, restaurants, and new and old cafes that seemed to always be alive.

There was no excuse to be bored in a city like this. No reason at all.

(Week long gp! Tag in, tag others, and check in daily to see who's joined in.)
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With cold weather rolling in and taking over, it seemed as though London was as eager as it could be to embrace the seasonal traditions of sharp blades on ice and food in faces.

Many ice rinks had opened this weekend, though Canary Wharf was by far the most impressive one. Large, beautiful, and not too busy if you came at the right time of day. Music played at a pleasant volume and the ice was littered with young and old, couples and singles, novices and show-offs... Anyone bold enough to strap on some skates.

Elsewhere in the city there was food to be found at the Foodies Festival. A place where you could find not just fine food, but also live-music, carollers, photo-booths and team quizzes.

It was a quiet way to start ringing in the holiday season- Or simply just enjoy the brisk weather that had crept in and was here to stay until spring.

(Gathering post! Set over the weekend, but open all week long to new top levels and tags. Tag in now and check back in often!)
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Late January 2015 - Hitting a home-run [NSFW]. Their first time.

Mid February 2015 - When you don't fight, it's not a real relationship. The boys have their first fight over trivial domestic stuff, because John's a bit of a control freak.

Late February 2015 - Mutant phones home. John rings his family and tries to work out what they remember in a world without mutants and gets depressed in the process.

Early March 2015 - The reality of the situation. In which John is a control freak, but he's helping organise Bobby, so it's a good thing.

Mid March 2015 - Most awkward conversation ever [NSFW]. John's hang-ups with sex and power are obliquely addressed.

Mid March 2015 - List-making for fun and profit. Bobby works out what he needs to do to make being with John more real. And he likes lists, because he's a dork.

Mid March 2015 - Dinner is served [NSFW]. The boys have really dirty sex in the kitchen. John fails to make dinner.

Late March 2015 - Secrets and Lies. It's Bobby's turn to catch up with his folks, and John manages not to feel like his dirty little secret.

Early May 2015 - Honey, I stashed the porn collection. Bobby finds John's collection of sex toys, and one of them is completely not embarrassed.

Mid May 2015 - Is Sinatra Envy a Thing? [NSFW]. In which Bobby is a total dork and John is actually fairly attracted to dorks. [In progress]

Early August 2015 - Welcome home. Bobby arrives back in London after spending time with his family and doing what's needed for him to stay with John after his student exchange ends. [In progress]

Early September 2015 Fear and Paranoia in London. After stewing in his own juices for a bit, John goes home to tell Bobby about Em being attacked.

Late September 2015 - Because they could both really use a cold shower. Bobby pranks John for old time's sake. [In progress].
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The best thing about London was that there was always something to do, no matter what your interests were. This weekend there was a jazz festival in Bloomsbury, an ale festival that would take you through a drunken train tour of the city, an African culture festival near Covent Garden, and several movie screenings, parties, and other pockets of fun.

Tourists were flooding in from all over, and many Londoners were slipping off to, or coming back from, their latest trips to Barcelona, Paris, or Ibiza. The weather was warm, and it had been fairly dry and sunny lately- Really, it was the perfect place to be right now. ...At least that's what anyone who wasn't heading off to some tropical wonderland would tell you at least.

As day faded into evening, bars came alive and shop windows lit up, inviting in tourists and locals alike. The city buzzed well into the night, calming only briefly in the morning, before bursting back into life again.

(Have your pup be anywhere in the city you like. This GP is intended to take place over the course of Sat and Sun, but will be open all week long! Remember to add your pup's tag after you tag in!)
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16 December 2014: Meet and uh, Greet - John opens the door to this dude called Drake who is looking at his spare room. Things don't go as planned.

19 December 2014: Movie Night - A few days later, Bobby gets a tree and decorations for Xmas and they decide to watch The Princess Bride and eat pizza. Surprising kissing is surprising.

20 December 2014: The Morning after the Night Before - Two young men take stock, and mention runs in with Em and Natasha.

25 December 2014: Christmas Morning - Mutant boyfriends exchange Christmas gifts.

31 December 2014 - 1 January 2015: New Year's Eve - The boys have an enjoyable New Year's Eve and Bobby makes a confession.
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 It was a warmer night than one might expect in February, and there were plenty of people out and about, milling around at bars, shops, and cafes- All of which had signs offering deals and good times.

On street corners buskers posed as statues and played songs for change, filling the city with sound and life as people celebrated being a day closer to the weekend.

Tomorrow there might be rain, but tonight it was dry and pleasant enough, and it seemed as if everyone was taking advantage of the fair weather.
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London, England. It was Bobby's first time here, and he was equal parts excited and anxious as he set out on his own in the city for the first time. He was several weeks early for the new school term, but after an unbearably cheerful Thanksgiving with his family, who no longer knew he was a mutant, he'd had to get out of there. He'd made up a story about some lecture series he was dying to attend, and though his parents had been disappointed that he wouldn't be spending Christmas with them, they'd made his flight and hotel arrangements willingly enough.

Now he was rested after the flight and decided to go out exploring, maybe check out the school campus, just generally start getting his bearings, and maybe figure out where he was going to live. The exchange program included an opportunity to stay with a host family, but he knew that wouldn't work for him. He wanted to find somewhere that he could be himself, at least when he was at home.

He left his hotel, heading first to the Starbucks he'd seen on the cab ride in for a mocha before heading in the direction of the college, trying not too look too much like he was new here.

[Set to early afternoon Monday. Find him in the area near King's College, or just exploring London and looking pretty out of his depth. ;)]


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