Before the Mist

Oct. 11th, 2017 06:27 pm
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Bond was settled in at the bar, watching the target. He was drinking alone, watching his phone intently and Bond simply waited for him to make his move. But something about the bloke in the corner booth triggered a sense of caution. Bond could see the man with the pint of Guinness was watching the mark, too.

There was something off about him. And something just a bit familiar.

Soon enough, Bond's attention was split between the target and the man. He was trying to puzzle out the both of them. But then the target's phone rang. He answered it, then laid notes on the bar and got up to leave. Bond was smooth about following. The target went out the door and Bond followed. He watched the target disappear in a cab and was going toward his Aston when who should he see but the man with the Guinness, stopping on the sidewalk to take note of the disappearing cab.

Bond knew something was off then and he made his way to him.

"Nice night for it," he said calmly.


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