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With some time to let it all settle, Kersen was pretty glad to not be the vampire queen of London. Though he wasn't sure exactly how things would shake out with Eric Northman in charge such as it was, for right now he was just content to try to let some things go back to normal. And back to normal meant trying not to look over his shoulder, for a while. It meant going back to just running his bar. And sometimes, it meant being a performer first and a vampire second.

He went full pinup that night, a blood red pencil dress with a black scarf knotted at his neck, fishnet stockings and red pumps, dark wig styled in careful pin curls. Red lips, dark eyes; bare, tattooed arms. He was a not-giving-a-fuck kind of girl tonight, and it gave him an idea for something to sing. Well, and having seen something from American telly online recently.

He even came out holding a stack of bar menus like they were textbooks.

"There are worse things I could do, than go with a boy or two..."

It was fun, a sitting on the piano kind of song, and he liked showing off that he actually had pipes. He didn't really lip sync anymore, unless he was at an actual drag show. It had been kind of fun in the 90s though, he'd even dressed like Cher once or twice...

"I don't steal and I don't lie, but I can feel, and I can cry..."

Rizzo, though, now there was a woman who deserved a tribute.

He had barely finished singing, handing the piano back over to the pianist who started playing some Sinatra, when he spotted something he hoped he wouldn't be seeing anymore. A vampire leaning over a human, a stare that was all too familiar. Kersen walked over calmly, grabbed the vampire by the arm, and said, "No glamours in my bar."

The vampire looked like he was about to argue, then thought better of it. Maybe partly because Kersen's grip on his arm was getting progressively harder. "My mistake." When Kersen's grip loosened, he threw some money on the bar and walked away.

Kersen smiled at the human woman, who seemed to be shaking herself out of a daze. "Bad sort," he said kindly. "Drink's on me."

Then he turned back around and looked out at the rest of the bar, hoping there wouldn't be anymore trouble tonight.
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