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He hadn't exactly left London after he'd vanished on Hex. Instead he'd just slipped by under the radar, working quietly to uncover what, exactly, had happened to Alex. Along the way he'd lost Scotty. ...Or, rather, Scotty had been taken from him. By the end, even once he had his answers, it had been for nothing. No one wanted to hear it. Nothing changed. Nothing was fixed.

So when Hex's friend Q (which was still definitely not a name) had reached out to him to go see Hex, he'd accepted. Now, after weeks of watching Hex struggle to recover from the mess he'd made, Danny was slowly slipping out of the shadows he'd been lurking in. Though it didn't stop though shadows from following him around.

For a while everything had changed. Less drinking, no more drugs that weren't prescribed. He'd kept it up as well, not just for his own health, but for Hex's. The last thing the man needed in his life was a junkie. ...And yet here Danny was, in the bar just after noon, drinking and all too aware of the little baggy of powder in his pocket.

Sitting at the bar, his gaze looked slightly blank. He was well dressed, a thick blue knitted jumper keeping the creeping august chill at bay and hiding his slightly too thin frame. The dark circles under his eyes seemed lighter, and he'd recent had his hair trimmed. The pills were doing their best to keep him healthy, and it showed. He looked better than he'd looked in some time- He only wished he felt as well as he appeared.

Finishing his beer, he pondered having another, then glanced outside. He could really fancy a smoke as well. A habit he was still trying to kick.

(ota- Find Danny at the bar or outside having a smoke)
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