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Kersen had recently learned a very important life lesson: Never use the words "I wish" in the company of the fae. Not even flippantly. Not even accidentally. Not even if you thought that Willy Silver was kind of a friend and not a soulless, malicious, childish jackass.

Because, what might happen is that you wake up one morning as the opposite gender.1 And then you freak out on the man who'd been sharing your bed, who luckily is a psychiatrist so pretty understanding. Except when you get turned on later and ill advisedly start making out with him but then completely freak out because you don't, you know, have the correct genitals.

And then, you of course naively assume that the fae who fucked you over so royally will have a good laugh and then change you back. Except it turns out you're totally wrong and he actually is a total sociopath who makes you bargain to get your own body back.

All of this explained how Kersen was, five days later, still in a female body. And his contact who was hunting down the damn flower or whatever that Willy wanted had apparently tracked it down in Tibet or something and was on his way back to London. He should be here tomorrow. Kersen could handle one more night like this, right? Right. Sure. As if he hadn't already been slowly going insane over the past few days.

Some people - stupid people - assumed that drag queens were all transsexual. Kersen was not. Not at all. And if this experience had taught him anything it was just how true that was. Maybe it had brought him some insight into himself as well, but he refused to be grateful to Willy for any part of it. He just wanted to be himself again. He wanted his penis back. And he'd never complain again about having to make his own clothes.

At least if he had to be a woman he was an attractive woman. And he looked a lot like himself - especially in drag, though it was very clear now that he wasn't a man in drag. He'd been pretending for the past few nights to be his own cousin. Which was really freaking weird. And he wasn't going to sing like this, so he was bartending instead.

Someone sat down at the bar but he didn't look up right away. "What can I get you?" he asked, cleaning a glass out with a cloth.

1 kind of NSFW
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Hannibal was on his way to his practice, but he liked taking a little detour and go through the park, to enjoy the small patch of nature in front of his work space.

The news-stand was a new and somewhat unwelcome loud addition to the park, but it seemed to be doing well and the owner really was a gentle and polite man. Hannibal was about to grab The Times when his eye fell on one of the tabloid magazines.

He's at it again! it said, in large screaming letters, and under it, a photograph of Alcuin kissing an older man with a scared face and a tattoo in his neck. Under the photograph the underline spoke of more details to be found inside; Short on cash and handy with a knife; read all about Alcuin Delauny and his new sugar daddy – before it's too late.

The kiss in the photograph was chaste, but unmistakably loving. And while the photograph was taken from a strange angle, anyone who knew Hannibal well and looked past the Halloween scar and tattoo would still likely recognize him.

It wasn't often Hannibal felt a heat in his eyes and hands, and a simple dark desire to slowly torture someone to death. And while his face did not reveal more than a light frown, that was exactly what he felt underneath.


Oct. 22nd, 2014 08:22 pm
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There was little Willy enjoyed more than playing for an audience. He'd arranged tonight to play at the Alpha and stood on the small stage with his guitar. The lighting was hot but he didn't sweat. He glistened as if doused with dew and glitter. His hair was particularly unruly, but his voice was sweet and his chords true and clear.

Lady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you're singing that song
And I got a lump in my throat
'Cause you're gonna sing the words wrong...

The crowd was thick, but really not that many people. The bar was just too small for that. Willy sang some Vance Joy, some Hozier, a soulfully slowed down Ella Eyre song, that radio hit by Echosmith for some variety, and played the first few chords of an Ed Sheeran tune which he deftly changed when he was met with groans. He turned it into a composition of his own and the glamour the original music wove was more powerful than the borrowed tunes. The crowd couldn't help but be affected by the fae magic and there was joy that filled the room. Smiles. Clapping. The usual happy energy of a live performance was quadrupled, fed back to the crowd, and then amplified again. Mortals felt high from it. But the nature of his magic meant the joy was fleeting so by the time Willy had put the guitar down and had made his way to the bar to have a beer and socialize the spell had ebbed. People felt good but no one was overjoyed.

"Did you like the setlist tonight?" he asked the person he'd eased in to stand beside at the bar. "I thought I wanted to play folk, but it feels like a soul night."
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Thomas hadn't been sure about his decision to look into opening a club, especially when Lara had been enthusiastically supportive of the whole idea, but somehow here he was anyway. Tonight, Unleashed would open its doors, the thematic offspring of Zero even if he'd refused to share the name with the White Court's Chicago feeding grounds.

Everything was perfect. He'd seen to most of the details himself, at least for tonight's opening, though Dierdre would be taking over the regular operating headaches. The flyers had been circulating for weeks, there was an excited buzz about the venue, and when he'd peeked outside earlier the line had already been forming down the block. With luck, he'd be able to pay Lara back the capital investment she'd made in a year or less.

He did one last walkthrough, taking in the well-stocked bars on every level, the furniture and...other equipment scattered around the edges, the staff in their revealing leather and chrome uniforms. Once he was sure everything was in order, he descended back to the second floor and nodded to the DJ booth. The house lights went off, the club lights were switched on, and the pounding, throbbing, bass-heavy music flooded the multi-story building.

The doors were unlocked and the first few eager customers wandered in, wide-eyed. Unleashed was open for business.

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The London Gastronomic Society organized a large indoor festival every year. Three restaurants on the top two floors in the Shard in London hosted this year’s food festival. Connected by a large atrium in the middle, they offered guests a grand setting to feast their taste buds with fine flavours and rich textures.

This year’s theme was Venice and all courses, dishes and amuses were inspired by Italy and Venice, its City of Bridges in particular. Tickets were freely sold, but a VIP lounge was set up on the restaurant of the top floor, separating the rich and famous from the ordinary people. The restaurant's large balconies offered the esteemed guests views of the atrium floor and the rest of the party on one side and London’s skyline on the other.

The theme had inspired the decorators to create a Venetian Carnival atmosphere throughout the three floors and the invitations read a Carnivalesque attire was greatly encouraged. Many people had complied and were dressed up, varying between tasteful to plainly outrageous. Everyone who hadn’t come dressed up, was given a mask at the entrance.

Waiters – dressed thematically – walked back and forth carrying large plates with the most delicious small dishes and amuses. Wine flowed freely and music inspired many to venture a dance in the atrium's dance floor.

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Lucrezia and Cesare. When he runs into Lucrezia on the street, Cesare reports that things might be getting hot, with a Cabinet reshuffle on the horizon.

Michael and Cesare - Cesare stumbles over the previously mentioned hotness in time to thwart it. Michael decides to change his alliance from Rover to Borgia.

Michael and Cesare - A day later, his first major test of loyalty completed, Michael begins a new one... with a sound and voluntary ass-kicking.

Lucrezia and Cesare - That evening, Cesare checks up on Lucrezia to see how her part of the scheme went. As it turns out, she went far above and beyond.
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This year's fundraising benefit for the Catholic Children's Society was a rather grander affair than usual. It wasn't just that Lucrezia Borgia had money, but she was very good at convincing people to give her things. Things like use of a gorgeous venue, and donations for the silent auction.

The event was divided into three main areas: a large receiving room with food and a bar along with videos on mounted screens with information about the cause, another with discreet armed guards amidst auction items (some abstract, such as dinner for two at some of London's best restaurants, and others well worth guarding, like a $15,000 pound emerald necklace), and then, outside amongst the fountain, a band playing jazz standards and space for dancing.

Along with the pledges for the auction, volunteers circulated amongst the guests to speak about the charity and ask for donations of time or money. It was, of course, all a bit absurd, a lavish gathering of the wealthy to Help The Needy, but (according to Lucrezia Borgia, who had organized most of this particular affair) the wealthy would have their fancy parties no matter what so they may as well be guilted into some charity while they're at it.

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July 27, 2014
In the past when Alcuin has run into former clients, it went badly. With Cesare Borgia, it isn't so terrible. They run into each other in a cafe, and after some conversation Cesare realizes there's more to Alcuin than he previously thought.


Aug. 19th, 2014 08:02 pm
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At first, life without the BAU had been hard. It had been heartbreaking even, enough so that Spencer had questioned his choice to leave nearly every day. 

Lately, however... Lately things were wonderful. Kings College was proving to be the perfect environment of the young Dr. Reid. His nightmares were less frequent, he'd managed to return to a fairly healthy weight, and he had Hex. ...Hex, who was maybe, kind of, sort of, his actual boyfriend. He wasn't sure, he'd never really had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, before- And he was fairly certain that it wasn't the sort of thing you asked someone. He was sure it was simply one of those things you were just supposed to simply <i>know</i>.

He was musing over the many ways one could ask someone else if they were dating- without actually asking if they were dating- while waiting in line for a coffee at the local Starbucks. However, even while lost in his thoughts, his ears perked up at the sound of two students chatting behind him, arguing about the statistics of drink driving.

"Actually, last year, drivers aged between 20 and 24 failed more breath tests than any other age group. Also, it's provisionally estimated that 2011 saw 280 deaths, 1290 serious injuries and 9,990 total casualties directly related to drink driving incidents. In 2010 there were around 410 pedestrian casualties and 90 pedal cyclist casualties in accidents with a driver over the legal alcohol limit," he said, correcting them both, as he turned to face them.

"Are those, like, actually proper numbers you know off the top off your head?" one asked, looking a bit startled.

"Wait- Aren't you the professor for that class on serial killers?" asked the other.

"Actually, I don't focus strictly on serial killers..." Spencer started to say, only to be cut off.

"I heard you were in the FBI. Do you have a gun? Have you ever shot anyone?" the first boy asked,

Spencer went a little pale, remembering the sound Tobias' body had made as it hit the ground. "I- I have. I mean, no, I don't have a gun any more, but- I have shot someone," he said awkwardly.

"Wot was that like?" one of the boys asked.

Spencer was silent for a long moment, then shrugged. "Not good. I don't recommend it," he said, turning away and fixing his eyes on the board, even though he already knew what he was going to order.

Behind him he could hear the boys whispering.

"I heard he went mental, that's why he's not FBI any more." murmured the first.

"Probably shot the wrong bloke or something."
hissed the other.

(OTA! Find Spencer in a Starbucks! :D)


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