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The world at large seemed heavier this week, bad news from across the pond drifting over like a bad storm and raining down on the city. Still, stiff upper lip and all that. If London had stopped every time things had seemed bleak, it would have fallen long ago.

And so life went on, as it must. 

The skies were a bit grey and the streets slightly damp, but the Christmas lights were coming on early this year, and Harrods already had the streets lit up with wonder and sparkle. Cafes and bars followed suit, and twinkling lights were everywhere you looked, casting a much needed bit of whimsy and wonder over the stark looking faces that passed by. It was hard to stay grim when children and adults alike seemed so entranced by it all.

There were plenty of events going on as well. From the Lord Mayor's Show or the Dulwich Christmas Bazaar, to the usual concerts, festivities, and even bowling

London may have looked a bit foggy and miserable, but there was pleanty of joy to be found for those who went looking.

(Gathering post! Just a nice mellow post to combat those post election blues, and balance out the drama from Halloween. As always, this post will be open for at least a week, so tag in and check back often to tag others. <3)


Nov. 7th, 2016 07:41 am
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Mahliah's ship had spun out of control through the jump, but all safety features fired off properly and she was cushioned in a sphere of anti-grav until the crash. The smooth, sharp edge of the craft had bitten deep into the ground. In the cabin, every surface was crackling with spidery runs of electricity. She looked all around in the chaos, but every sensor was reading nonsense. The ship was done for. Mahliah grabbed her disruptor--half laser rifle, half glaive--and picked her way back down the slanted corridor only to find the landing hatch crumpled and useless. She picked her way skyward and pounded, kicked, and shot at the escape pod hatch until it gave way.

The sweat she had worked up turned bitter cold on her skin when she climbed out into the lazy autumn sunshine. She gripped her 'ruptor closer. What was this frigid, alien landscape? The buildings as far as she could see looked antique. The river that coursed beside her crash site smelled of trash and chemicals.

(new player, new character. Mahliah It's nice to meet you all!)


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